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Local contractors

We regularly operate in countries with little or no experience of oil and gas activity.

To ensure that Cairn creates social and economic benefit for communities in the countries where we work, our procurement policy encourages the use of local contractors wherever the right expertise is available, or can be developed without compromising our high standards and principles. We include local companies with the required competence in bid lists and request international contractors to consider the use of local subcontractors where possible. In 2015, 15% of contractors used by Cairn were national to the country of operation.

Total national and non-national contractors (%)

National 15
Not national 85

Building the skills capacity in Senegal

Given the exploratory nature of our drilling programme in 2014, the contractual commitments that we entered into were short term in nature. With the growing confidence from last year’s discoveries, we have been looking towards forming longer term relationships and increasing our capacity building activities. Longer term relationships help us to address challenges such as improving and developing local participation in our supply chain.

One such example has been the contracting of our logistics agent in Senegal. We have again, in 2015, contracted an international logistics agent with a well-established business in Senegal. A particular challenge in 2014, was the changing personnel from the contractor through the duration of the contract in areas such as customs handling, first response in-country logistics and port workers. To address this, we have retendered and restructured our logistics requirements into a longer term contract to promote the training and development of local dedicated staff to these key roles.

In practice, this means that 16 local port workers are dedicated to our logistics operations. These port workers are coached by our expatriate health, safety and environment (HSE) supervisor and logistics supervisors, who are also training two local Senegalese HSE advisers. Within our contract with the local logistics agent, specific on-the-job training is also provided by us bringing in industry experts in order to deliver ‘North Sea standard’ expertise in lifting operations and the operation of emergency equipment in the event of an oil spill within the port. In addition, a local customs-handling agent and a local first response logistics agent are assigned to the contract who are again accompanied in the role by an experienced international adviser to bring together international standards and local knowledge.

The longer term arrangement also works well for the investment in equipment and infrastructure in order to meet the operating and health and safety standards we require. In 2015, we have, with our logistics agent, upgraded the warehousing facilities available to the project with efforts continuing to adopt a consolidated quay and laydown areas. In this way, our investment in our contractor relationships is developing local participation in our activities and promoting higher standards within and beyond our operations.

The quality of the training and supervision, combined with the consistent work ethic that has been employed throughout our port operations, is reflected in the great achievement of over 900 days of continuous operations without a Lost Time Incident (LTI).

Case Study – Alioune Dieng – Senegalese HSE and Security Adviser

Alioune Dieng is based in our office in Dakar, Senegal where he is the HSE and Security Adviser. Alioune was born and brought up in Joal Fadiouth, which is a village to the south east of Dakar. Prior to working with Cairn in Senegal, Alioune held positions in security management in the aviation industry and health and safety supervision roles in the gold mining industry. In addition to this experience, Alioune also holds a master’s degree in Law (Litigation) awarded by the Dakar University, the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, and is a former Senegalese championship basketball player and also represented his country in the sport.

Since starting with Cairn’s subsidiary Capricorn Senegal, Alioune’s responsibilities have increased as the drilling and seismic campaigns have got underway. His responsibilities cover: overseeing the HSE and security performance of all operational activities carried out in Senegal; being the focal point of the social investment programme; and advising on regulatory permits and approvals relating to HSE and compliance with these. It is an important role requiring liaison with governmental departments and local community and municipal leaders.

Alioune is also actively engaging with local communities, businesses and authorities to build awareness of the oil and gas industry in Senegal. As the very busy 2016 Senegal work programme begins, Alioune will be instrumental in driving the smooth running of operations, as well as maintaining the communication lines within the Senegalese Government, local communities and local businesses.

Working with Cairn has been very positive for me. In a few months I have learnt a lot and sometimes it feels like I have been working for the company for years!! The teamwork is very strong and people are very keen to share their knowledge and everyone is very respectful. It is a real pleasure to work with Cairn and I pray for the company to go forward, achieve its objectives across the whole business, but, above all, in Senegal which will benefit my country as a whole.”

Safety first, last and always.”

Alioune Dieng Senegalese HSE and Security Adviser

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