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Health, safety and environment culture

Cairn recognises that delivering commitments and principles requires more than policies and procedures in our management systems.

We work hard to establish and promote the health, safety and environment (HSE) and Corporate Responsibility (CR) behaviours of our people and contractors to help deliver an HSE culture that puts these principles into practice. We established a formal HSE Culture Framework and conducted a number of workshops in 2013. During 2014, we continued to look for opportunities to promote the framework, and some of these behaviours were reinforced via our revision of induction and briefing programmes for personnel and within projects. In 2015, we have continued to promote behaviours of our own personnel and via our principal contractors by using this framework but also by promoting good practices and engaging the people involved.

Developing HSE culture within Cairn

In 2015, we updated our CR Management System (CRMS). Along with the issue of this revised CRMS, we planned a series of workshops to engage all Edinburgh-based staff with regard to the enhancements made and solicit their feedback to the system. These workshops have continued into 2016.

To reinforce commitment, new HSE and security communications were created and placed in focal points across our offices as a reminder to all staff that health and safety is at the forefront of all we do.

Additionally, HSE awareness-raising initiatives have been implemented. For example, in conjunction with Police Scotland, we delivered a series of security workshops in the Edinburgh office. Sessions were aimed at raising staff awareness in the current security environment. We also launched a health and wellbeing intranet site to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Cairn recognises the importance of continuing to promote our culture with our employees, contractors and partners as this influences our performance, protects our reputation and helps secure our licence to operate. Our corporate objectives (see CR objectives and KPIs) focus on both leading and lagging indicators, which are linked to our HSE culture and to Company and individual performance. The achievement of these objectives is dependent on delivery of the right behaviours across the business and success in accordance with these objectives is judged by the Remuneration Committee. Strong exhibition of the application of our HSE culture includes ongoing reminders and delivery of our Business Principles, policies and CRMS through projects and promotion of proactive measures through line management, supported by the HSE teams in all locations. This extends to supporting non-operated activities where we promote timely delivery but not at the expense of our HSE culture.

A shared focus on HSE

As most of our operational activities are carried out by our specialist contractors, we also focus on building a shared HSE culture with our contractors. This has included senior managers from Cairn proactively working with our lead contractors to promote good HSE behaviours through an ongoing contractor engagement plan. Promotion of HSE with our contractors, both international and local, commences during the initial meetings, tendering and selection processes right through to readiness to proceed and subsequent delivery. In this way, continued communication support and encouragement of what is important from HSE and CR perspectives benefits all parties (see Contractor engagement).

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