Indian Drilling Update Rajasthan Block RJ-ON-90/1 - Prospect "H" Oil Discovery

12 November, 2001

Cairn has made a second consecutive hydrocarbon discovery on Block RJ-ON-90/1 onshore Rajasthan in Western India with its exploration well RJ-H-1. The well is located approximately 50 kilometres north of the Guda-2 oil discovery drilled in 1999.

The well was directionally drilled to a total depth of 1,837 mMD and encountered several hydrocarbon bearing units below 1,400 metres.

The first drill stem test in fractured basement produced formation water. The second test, carried out on a sand with a gross perforated interval of 27 mMD, produced a stabilised flow rate of 620 barrels per day of 41 degrees API oil on a half-inch choke.

Operations will continue with a third drill stem test in a separate formation.

A further announcement will be made on completion of well testing activities.



Cairn Energy PLC:
Bill Gammell, Chief Executive Tel: 0131 475 3000
Dr Mike Watts, Exploration Director Tel: 0131 475 3000
Kevin Hart, Finance Director Tel: 0131 475 3000

Brunswick Group Limited:
Victoria Sabin, Mark Antelme, Catherine Bertwistle Tel: 0207 404 5959

Notes to Editors:-


  1. "Cairn" where referred to in this release means Cairn Energy PLC and/or its subsidiaries, as appropriate.
  2. "mMD" means metres measured depth.
  3. "API" means American Petroleum Institute units as a measure of oil specific gravity.
  4. Cairn holds a 50% equity interest in Block RJ-ON-90/1. The remaining 50% is held by Shell India Production Development B.V. ("Shell"). ONGC has a right to 30% in the event of a commercial discovery on the block. If ONGC exercise this right, Cairn and Shell's equity interests in the block would reduce from 50% to 35%.