Diagram of layers of the earths surface


Cairn's focus is on exploration-led growth. As explorers, we make discoveries and aim to open up new basins, working ahead of our peers.

Cairn’s success stems from being pioneers and partners. We focus on identifying assets that are capable of providing significant and sustainable growth, capturing as high an equity position as possible in frontier areas, using our strong technical and commercial expertise and working with our partners to take our assets from discovery to development safely.

We create transformational growth from this focused exploration, as part of a well-balanced and sustainable portfolio approach including development and production which provides the free cash flow to fund exploration activity.

Cairn's exploration philosophy

We look beyond the surface – we are focused experienced explorers with extensive technical and industry knowledge.

Exploration activities are intended to provide more information – our job is to then decide what that information might mean.

We have self belief and passion. We are not afraid of a challenge – what is important is not being afraid to try to continually learn.

Our philosophy is about looking beyond the surface. As explorers, we aim to open up new basins, working ahead of our peers, and take advantage of our ability to move quickly and the ensuing technical and commercial opportunities