Assurance processes

Identifying and mitigating operational risks before asset commissioning.

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Building new facilities is one of the most challenging activities in the oil and gas industry. It involves managing risks associated with people, environment and property which can be hazardous if they are not managed properly.

Therefore, a structured and rigorous Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) review by highly experienced and competent professionals is essential to identify and mitigate any operational risks prior to the assets being ready for commissioning.

In the development of operations in India, Cairn followed a gated process to ensure that all projects were built to national and international standards and were developed safely without injury or release of hydrocarbons to the environment. One of the key tools in the completion assurance process is the 'Ready For Start-Up' (RFSU) review.

The basic objective of RFSU is to ensure a smooth and safe transition from a 'project construction' phase to an 'operational' phase. This is achieved through a systematic review of a range of critical HSE and operational standards by a multi-disciplinary team. Checks include regulatory compliance reviews, risk mitigation measures, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), fire protection systems and medical facilities, emergency preparation, and training and competency development plans.

Through applying the RFSU process, Cairn India has successfully built the Mangala Processing Terminal facilities and pipeline without any facilities damage, injuries or environmental incidents.