Meet our people

Our people play a major part in our success. Meet some of them here and find out what they have to say about their work, living in Edinburgh and what it's like to work at Cairn.

  • Sinead Sinead
    Senior Accountant
    BSc (Hons), ACMA
  • Ben Ben
    New Ventures / Business Development Manager
    MBA, MA (HONS)
  • Duncan Duncan
    Group Legal Manager
    LLB (Hons), Dip LP
  • Natalie Natalie
    BSc (Hons) Earth Science, MSc Geoscience for subsurface exploration, appraisal and development

At Cairn, your development is in your control.

I define and deliniate drillable prospects by interpreting seismic data. Then I carry out a volumetric assessment to work out the likely volume of hydrocarbons. At my level, peer review is crucial to this process so I’m always keen to get the opinion of the whole team.

The biggest challenge of working on data in a frontier area is there’s no calibration, so you don’t know if your model is correct. But thanks to the pace of our exploration strategy, you quickly get to find out.

Since I joined Cairn in 2009, right after my MSc, I’ve sampled life on a jackup rig in offshore Tunisia – invaluable in developing my knowledge of operations geology. I also spent four weeks on a seismic vessel offshore Greenland, getting an incredible insight into seismic acquisition and processing as well as the chance to see some spectacular scenery. The culture here is really friendly and open, right from the top down. I’ve learned a lot from experienced colleagues as well as from a host of industry-recognised courses in everything from seismic interpretation and operations geology to time management and problem solving. At Cairn your development is in your control – something I think is a big plus.